What is infrared sweating? 

Infrared sweating in our state of the art technology, utilizes heat & light to help relax and detoxify the body.  They omit infrared light wavelengths that create heat within the body, causing your body to sweat deep from within, releasing stored toxins & fat cells.


How does infrared sweating work?

Our infrared technology delivers state of the art infrared light-wave radiation directly to the human body. The therapeutic effects of infrared sweating is caused by the electro magnetic radiation spectrum.


How does the human body react?

Infrared sauna treatments cause reactions in the body that include:

• increased, accelerated sweating

• increased heart rate, making this experience a cardiovascular workout

• the same type of clarity-of-mind & heightened sense of self awareness, & feelings similar to moderate exercise

• relaxation responses triggered by the body’s parasympathetic system


How does infrared sweating feel during the process?

The first 30-40 minutes of your sweat session will feel cozy and warm. You may even feel like you're falling asleep! The final 15-20 minutes of your sweat are the most challenging, AND the most rewarding! 


What should I wear to my sweat session?

There is no need to bring any special clothing to your sweat appointment. We will provide a change of sweat clothes for you to ensure that you are your most comfortable for your session! You will be provided long sweat pants, a long sleeve t-shirt, and long crew socks. However, should you wish to bring your own extra set of clothing, please feel free to do so! 


How does a ToxxLab infrared sweat session work?

Once you change into your sweat clothes, we will get you tucked into your infrared sweat bed to begin the 60 minute sweating process. After 15 minutes, we will check-in on you to see if you need anything, and to make sure all is going well with your sweat. 40 minutes into your session we will provide you with a cool towel for your forehead. This towel is infused with eucalyptus and lavender essential oils to open your senses, and it feels great, too! Once your 60 minute sweat session is complete, we will assist you in leaving the sweat bed to begin your recovery period. During your relaxation period you will receive your choice of hot black, white or green tea with blueberries, and dark chocolate: a wonderful treat-your-self after a well-earned hour of hard sweating! 


What time do I need to arrive to my infrared sweat appointment?

We recommend that you arrive 10 min before your appointment to allow enough time for you to change into your sweat clothes and for setup of your sweat room.  


What is your late policy?

Due to the fact that the length of our sweat sessions is designed with your wellness in mind, we are usually unable to accommodate late arrivals beyond 10 minutes after your scheduled appointment time, as doing so would require us to shorten your session (or that of the sweater after you). Please be aware that all late arrivals are subject to a full session fee, or the loss of one session on account.


Is a deposit required to book my sweat appointment?

There is no deposit required to book/hold your appointment. We will simply charge your card on file for the correct appointment $ amount during or at the end of your sweat session. 


What happens if I need to cancel my appointment?

You will have up to 24 hours before the start of your sweat appointment to cancel your booking. A no-show will result in you being charged for the full appointment amount. However, we understand that emergencies happen. Just message or email us with any questions regarding your appointment and we would be happy to accommodate!


What if I need to use the restroom?

Your body can typically sense that the best way to expel water during a session is through sweating, and your system will usually avoid sending water to your bladder while you are in the bed. However, we do encourage you to use the restroom downstairs before coming upstairs for your appointment, that way you don't have to climb the stairs twice, and you are fully ready for your sweat session! You can always leave the sweat bed to use the restroom if you find that you need to. Just use the call button to have us help you out!


How often can I infrared sweat?

'Almost' as much as you want! You cannot sweat more than once a day, however, you can sweat every day for the 60 minute time period, as long as you are staying super hydrated! Many people who are interested in supplementing their regular fitness routine, or those interested in losing weight, come in every other day to make sweating a regular part of their routine. Others find that the best rhythm for them is to infrared sweat 1-2 times a week, just a few times each month, or whenever they can fit a sweat into their schedule. We have an array of membership packages that can make sweating regularly more affordable for you! Just visit https://toxxlab.com/pages/book-a-session to see our membership levels! 


Can I/Should I shower after my sweat session?

We recommend that you do not shower for at least 2 hours following your sweat, unless you absolutely have to. After your sessions is complete, your body continues the sweating process until it returns to normal operating temperature. This means that your metabolism will remain increased, calories will continue to burn, and detoxing will continue even after your session is technically complete. Taking a shower cuts the cooling process short, and robs you of the benefits that you would receive during that period. 


How do you keep your sweat beds and facility clean and sanitary?

We use hospital-grade germicidal cleaner between each infrared sweat session at ToxxLab. We also use disposable liners that are replaced between each treatment, so your sweat does not touch anybody else's. Additionally, we regularly disinfect and clean all surfaces.


What if I want to sweat with a spouse, friend, group, etc.? 

Group sweating is welcome and encouraged! For 2 people, we can place you side by side as long as we are aware far enough in advance! Please reach out to us via our social links or email, and let us schedule your appointment for the both of you to ensure that you are able to sweat at the same time depending on available appointments. If you’re interested in bringing a group of 3 or more people to ToxxLab, and/or would like to schedule a group sweat for a special event, please reach out to us by email at info@toxxlab.com and tell us a little bit about your group, your occasion, and your schedule. We will get back to you as soon as possible, and do everything that we can to accommodate!